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QubePAK REGAL Series

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LED Down Light Wall Pack


For exterior wall lighting applications in new construction or retrofit opportunities, US LED has revealed the new QubePAK Regal. The QubePAK Regal family is an economical and scalable wall pack solution to replace existing fluorescent, high-pressure sodium and metal halide technologies. The QubePAK Regal is designed specifically for versatility, providing a variety of lumen packages ranging from 1,000 lumens to 5,000 lumens. The QubePAK Regal is intended to be mounted either to a wall, ceiling or conduit.


LED Wall Pack
LED Wall Pack

Recommended Applications

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Multiple lumen packages availableJ-box or conduit wiring

Photocell option available

Available in white or bronze

Can be used as an up or down light

Diverse mounting options

10-Year Warranty


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Technical Spec

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Should You Go LED?

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