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LED Lighting of Houston is a manufacturers Rep LED Lighting sales company based in Houston, Texas that sells LED fixtures all over the U.S. under the leadership of Joshua Pitts. LED Lighting of Houston has a focus on commercial LED lighting fixtures specifically for interior and exterior.

Applications include commercial LED lighting for churches, parking lots, warehouses, stadiums, hospitals, offices, car dealerships, parking garages and more. With an extremely competitive line of commercial LED lighting fixtures our focus is products that have lifetimes above 200,000 hours and have extreme in house testing procedures including but not limited to thermal testing, water resistance, heat dissipation, x-rayed boards to insure diodes are placed on circuit board bed appropriately and lab sphere testing. All fixtures use circuit boards that have diodes placed on circuit beds by surface mount machines. All fixtures use high quality diodes ranging from AAA-BBB ratings and we only use Philips Advance Xitanium or Meanwell drivers to guarantee the lowest rate of driver failures. We also have fixtures that include 3-4 times more LED diodes than the average fixture to run our diodes at lower than needed milliamps giving our customers longer lifetime LED fixtures. The lead sales person is Joshua Pitts who manages projects in Houston, Texas and all voer the United States.

Founder Joshua Pitts from Houston based the company on values of low pricing, the best warranty and 24 hour replacements, if needed. While there are many fixture types to choose from all of our projects come with photometric layouts and project assistance at no additional fee to the client. In addition, we can also customize LED fixtures per the application. This becomes important as every project has a different kelvin temperature, wattage, output and lifetime expectancy needed. Our founder, Joshua Pitts from Houston has been in the LED business in for many years and is noted to have been involved with the larger projects and clients around the US, including United Airlines, Coca Cola’s distribution centers and Cube Smart storage facilities. He believes the advantages important in the LED business are next day delivery, fully customizable LED lighting fixtures and understanding photometrics and project design. Joshua Pitts in Houston is a volunteer through Junior Achievement Houston at local high schools, where he teaches Juniors and Seniors the importance of economics. He lives in the Heights, Houston, Texas.

  1. Efficacy – our fixtures have the highest lumen / watt in the industry (the more lumens and less watts the better). This is like miles per gallon in a car. Why doesn’t everyone do this?
  2. Lifetime - our troffers measure at greater than 200,000 hours (all LED fixtures measured on same scale). Why are we at 2-4 times longer lifetime than competition and how does this affect the fixtures reliability?
  3. Sales and service – how fast can your LED provider service a warranty issue? We completely replace our products in 24 hours if anything happens to them, anything. IF you have any problems you can call Joshua Pitts if you are in Houston.
  4. How long has your manufacturer been in the LED business? since 2001, they started with channel letter signage and in 2006 became the second largest in that market in the United States. They also set a record in 2007 for one of the largest retrofits in the US for troffers. We completed over 6,000 locations in 2009. 

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